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Patchology Energizing Eye Patches: 12-Treatment Kit Contents

Energizing Eye Patches - 12 Treatments

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How To Use
Questions & Answers
  • How To Use


    Step 1: Apply Gel to Patches

    Gently squeeze the Activating Gel Tube and spread a generous, even layer of gel directly onto the back of the first patch. Move to Step 2 (Apply Patches) and then repeat Step 1 with second patch.

    Step 2: Apply Patches

    Apply each patch to clean, dry skin and press firmly. The patch will activate automatically and begin the gentle micro-current infusion. Each patch should be worn for 20 minutes. If the patch is not adhering to your skin, simply add more Activating Gel under the patch and re-apply.

    Step 3: Remove, Wipe and Store

    Gently remove the patches and wipe the treatment area with the Refreshing Wipes to reveal renewed, refreshed skin. Following your treatment, you may apply your favorite eye cream, serum and/or makeup. Place the patch back onto the clear plastic sheet and then back into the re-sealable pouch.

    Each patch may be re-used up to 4 times.

  • Questions & Answers

    You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got the Answers! 

    Step 1 Activating Gel

    Where do I apply the Activating Gel?  Gently squeeze the Activating Gel Tube and spread a generous, even layer of gel directly onto the back of the first patch. Apply the first patch to your skin and and then apply gel to the second patch. 

    How does micro-current get through the gel? The Patchology Activating Gel is like a “liquid patch” water-based gel so it acts as a conductor for the micro-current patch. It aids in allowing the micro-current to push our anti-aging ingredients to the skin.

    What if the patches aren't sticking to my skin? Simply emove the patches and re-apply the Activating Gel to the treatment area and place patches on treatment area.

    Can the Activating Gel be used without the patch? No—the gel is not a post-treatment formula.  It was developed specifically as the first step of every micro-current patch treatment.  After you have completed your Energizing Eye Patch treatment, apply your favorite eye cream or serum.

    Why does the Activating Gel have to be removed after the Patch Treatment? The Activating Gel is a similar liquid gel formula to the gel in the micro-current patch. Removal is necessary because it is only meant to aid in the process of moving ingredients to the skin—not to stay on the skin’s surface.   Any residual gel left on the skin should be removed with the Refreshing Wipe.

    Step 2 Energizing Eye Patch

    How do I turn the patch on? The Energizing Eye Patch will automatically activate and begin the gentle micro-current infusion once it is applied to the skin. It will automatically shut off once it is removed from the skin. There is no “On” or “Off” Button or switch to worry about.

    How long do I leave it on for? You only need to wear the patch for 20 minutes, but one hour is recommended in cases where fine lines and wrinkles are more extensive. 

    How often should I use the Energizing Eye Patch? We recommend that you use the Energizing Eye Patch once per week and anytime you feel your skin needs a revitalizing boost. Many consumers use Energizing Eye Patch the night before a big event such as a wedding, date or party. You can do a patch treatment as often as you wish.  Each micro-current patch is reusable up to four times.

    How long will it take for me to see results? A single patch application has the same intense revitalization effect as a professional micro-current spa treatment. In recent product studies, 100% of participants commented that their skin felt immediately tighter and smoother after just one use. Weekly use is essential to experience progressive corrective results. Individual results will vary depending on age and condition of skin.

    Will the patch hurt? No. Once the patch has been applied, users often remark about the cooling and tightening sensation that it delivers to the skin. The micro-current that pushes active ingredients to the skin is sensation-free, non-irritating and safe.

    Are there any side effects or allergic reactions associated with the Energizing Eye Patch? No serious side effects during or after the use of this product have been reported. Some people may experience temporary redness in the treatment area that quickly dissipates.  You should stop using the patch and should consult with your physician if you experience any adverse reactions. Please check all ingredients prior to use and, if you have a known allergy to any one ingredient, refrain from use of the Patchology kit.

    What is the Patch adhesive made of? The adhesive in the Energizing Eye Patch is a medical grade adhesive that has been tested for safety and is commonly used in biomedical products. There is no latex used in the patch.

    Step 3 Refreshing Wipe

    Do I have to use the wipes provided to cleanse the treatment area? No, You can use your own wipe or cloth and water to cleanse the treatment area. 

    Do the Refreshing Wipes remove "the good stuff"? No!  Our patches are delivering ingredients to the stratum corneum. The “good stuff” has already been delivered to the skin- that is the beauty of Patchology! The purpose of the Refreshing Wipe is to remove any left-over Activating Gel residue after removal of the micro-current patch

    What should I apply after the Energizing Patch Treatment? Patchology is a unique, results-oriented beauty optimizing treatment for both instant revitalization and if used weekly, progressively corrects problems over time. For this reason, you should apply whichever eye cream or serum you currently use, as Patchology was designed to enhance your regular skincare regimen results.

  • Ingredients

    Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates and plumps the skin, helping it retain elasticity and firmness
    Okra Plant Peptide: Calms and soothes, leaving skin tighter and feeling softer
    Cucumber and Mint Extracts : Soothes the under-eye area and helps alleviate puffiness
    Vitamin C: Brightens and reduces the appearance of dark circles
    Vitamins B3 and B5: Protect against free radicals, which can lead to signs of premature aging.
    Short description:

    Revitalize Tired Eyes

    Like a 're-charging station' for your eyes, Patchology Energizing Eye Patches will refresh and soothe tired looking eyes in just 20 minutes to reveal smoother, healthier looking skin. With regular use they will also help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Paraben-free: Patchology's Energizing Eye Patches are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan

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    1. Amazing Results

      I have used this product twice since I got it for Christmas and it has given me the results that I wanted and more. It's easy to use and doesn't take that much time. I love this product! on 9th Jan 2015

    2. Eye do!

      !!!!! Just needs to be more effective
      for discolored under eye circles.

      on 17th Dec 2014

    3. I'm in love!

      I have to admit hearing about so many new things for the skin I was skeptical. Especially since I am an esthetician myself. Micro-current, in a patch, at home. Hmmm.
      After one 20 min use I was ridiculously impressed! My puffy eyes had vanished and I could see my skin was more hydrated. I decided the second time I would leave them on even longer. A good 3 hours longer. (I made dinner, cleaned etc) Well at 35 years of age to see the under eye plump up again like I was 25...Now I'm sold! If you have not tried these yet please do so now. They work!
      on 15th Dec 2014

    4. Less is More

      Less is more when you're over 55. Thanks to regular weekly Patchology eye treatments, I only need to use a tinted moisturizer under my eyes. I've put away my former arsenal of concealers (which actually accentuate lines when it settles into creases) because my under eyes look rested, brighter and smoother. I am telling everyone I know about these amazing eye patches. on 2nd Dec 2014

    5. Under eye skin less saggy!

      I have used the under eye patches 1 time per week for 4 weeks now. The skin under my eyes is not as thin and saggy as before! I have not noticed a great improvement yet in the puffiness. Will continue to use! on 26th Nov 2014

    6. Amazing results!

      I have now used the eye patch for a full month, once a week for 4 weeks, and I am in love! I saw immediate results and now see a diminished appearance to my fine lines. My eye cream seems to absorb better and my eye area is refreshed and brighter. I will definitely repurchase! on 6th Oct 2014

    7. eye treatment

      I tried the eye patch treatment and I like it because my skin feels smoother and less wrinkled. I am not puffy around my eyes either. Good product. on 28th Sep 2014

    8. Huge Improvement with Patches

      I have used the patches 4 times so far and I see an amazing improvement after each use. I wish they had the patches for the smiles lines too! I have tried almost every gadget and cream on the market, and nothing made such an immediate difference. I definitely recommend using these! on 12th Sep 2014

    9. A+ Customer service

      I do a lot of my shopping online, especially for beauty products since I no longer have the luxury of walking down the street to Bloomingdales or Bergdorf. I saw patchology and was interested and cruised around their website. I had some additional questions and I prefer speaking to a real person. I called patchology and they answered right away and couldn't have been more helpful. It is very nice to hear a real person on the other end of the phone and was very knowledgeable and not pushy. I immediately ordered their energizing patches and I couldn't be happier with the product. Its nice to know that customer service is still a priority of companies and its reflected in their customer service team and products. on 31st Mar 2014

    10. economic product

      The patchology energizing eye patches completely revitalized the skin under my eyes after the first use. They're cooling, refreshing and super hydrating. It's a very simple 3 step treatment and I like the economy of getting multiple treatments out of one patch. Thanks Patchology, I'veneeded your product for a long time! on 27th Mar 2014