How To Get Soft and Smooth Feet for Sandal Season

How To Get Soft and Smooth Feet for Sandal Season

Did this brutal winter keep your toes in hibernation mode? Us too. Thankfully, we’ve come up with the perfect regimen, so you can set them free in the upcoming summer heat.

First things first, you’ve got to prep. Take a look at your calendar and make sure that you’re two weeks out from your BFF’s wedding, annual girl’s beach trip or anywhere else you’ll be showing off those toes—and maybe put yoga and pilates classes on hold. We also suggest holding off on this treatment if you’ve just gotten a shiny new pedicure. In order for PoshPeel to work its best, you’ll want some rough patches on the bottoms of your feet.

Once your schedule is a go, it’s time to soak and scrub. This will get your feet ready for their best peel (and give you some prime Netflix time).

Next up, you will want to trim and shape those nails. To maximize comfort, keep toenails flush with skin. No need for trendy talons here.

Now it is time to commence the peel. That’s where PoshPeel Pedi Cure comes in!

Step 1: Pour the Activating Essence into one of the Foot Masque booties and evenly distribute along the inside.

Step 2: Place your foot inside and seal with the attached closure. Repeat for the other foot.

Step 3: Wear for 60 minutes.

Step 4: Remove the booties, rinse and dry your feet. Peeling will take place over the next 3–7 days.

After the peel, it’s time for the big reveal!

Once the peeling stops (it will—promise), keep your feet feeling fresh by moisturizing nightly.

After you’ve got that moisture locked in, pick your polish. Go for nude, pastel or even neon, the sky's the limit.

Now that your feet are at their best, this calls for new sandals!