11 Breakout-Busting Sheet Masks For Acne-Prone Skin

June 15, 2017

By now we're all well aware that sheet masks are the real deal: they can help fight dark circles, make your complexion brighter, and pack hydration into your skin in what feels like record time. But if you're like me (and many others) who suffer from adult hormonal acne, you want to make sure that along with hydrating and minimizing pores, a mask can also pack a real punch to any pesky pimples on your face. Here are 11 masks that are perfect to use during that week before your period, after a particularly stressful day, or on the heels of an alcohol, dairy, or french fry binge.

Get ready to kick those toxins to the curb with this rich volcanic mud mask. Glycerin moisturizes and tones skin while collagen plumps and tightens.

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