13 Back-To-School Beauty Kits That Will Make Your Life Easier

August 6, 2018 

Normally, universities cut out the confusion of back-to-school shopping with long checklists, including shower caddies, mattress protectors, and at least two bath towels because roommates love using your things without asking (it's inevitable, get over it). But those lists almost always leave off the essentials you can't get at Staples or the campus bookstore, like a new collection of grown-up beauty products.
Gone are the days of never washing your face and wearing clear mascara. It's time to graduate from your high school beauty routine. You're in college now — you're going to parties, snagging internships, and making connections in every lecture hall you walk in — and it's as good a time as any to upgrade your vanity.
But as a budding adult, you don't really make a lot of money — or know exactly what you like when it comes to products. Not sure where to begin? We've built our own checklist of must-have back-to-school beauty buys. These tailored kits are filled with everything you need in tiny bottles and jars you'll actually use up by the holiday break. Shop our favorites, ahead.
Making time — and budget space — for pedicures, facials, or any spa treatment can seem like a distant goal when you've got student loan payments looming. For now, stick to easy sheet masks and foot peels to keep your beauty game strong without totally breaking the bank.
Patchology Spoiled Rotten At-Home Pampering Kit, $25.00, available at Ulta Beauty.