13 Sheet Masks For Dry Skin To Fight Flaking Through The Frosty Months

Published on December 7, 2016


Having dry skin is always a struggle, but especially in winter when icy frosts and chilling winds hit your face like a ton of bricks. Finding skincare to fight back against the cold is vital, and many find solace in sheet masks for dry skin. Sheet masks can be especially comforting for dry skinned-souls because it involves no rinsing of the skin after. Instead, you sit and let all that delicious moisture absorb itself into every bit of your skin. (Even the dodgy, flaky bit surrounding your nose.)

It doesn't hurt to point out that sheet masks are a fun activity in themselves. Instead of applying moisturizing cream after moisturizing cream, you simply put the sheet mask on and let it work its magic. It's truly a great alternative to help mix up your skincare routine, and they also make super portable gifts that travel well (just in case you need Christmas ideas for family and friends).

Whether you're preparing yourself for the stresses of the holiday season, planning a super cute, at home beauty day with your mom over the Christmas period, or you have a particularly dry faced cousin who you just want to help out, these sheet masks are sure to soothe and save everyone's skin from any more flaking.

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