16 No-Mess Face Masks Lazy Girls Will Love



As relaxing and beneficial as a multi-step skincare routine can be, sometimes we just don't have time for all of that. Especially when it comes to face masks. Sure, sometimes indulging in one feels like nice me-time, but mostly, my inner lazy-girl can't be bothered with the associated mess of cleaning the mask off my face. (Those clay ones take forever!) Which is why, if you still enjoy this step of your skincare routine, but don't want to sacrifice 20 minutes for it, no-mess face masks are where it's at.

I'm talking masks that still deliver all the benefits of your traditional, jars of goop but without the hassle. Instead, these mess-free masks can simply be lifted, peeled, or even magnetized off the face so you don't even have to go near your faucet. Still too much to deal with? How about some masks that can just be left on overnight instead? No matter how lazy you're feeling, these masks will let you keep up with your regimen without sacrificing precious time that you could be using for anything else. So if you're into the idea of some totally low-maintenance skincare, here are 16 face masks that don't need to be washed off so you can indulge your inner lazy girl:


Sheet Masks

1. Exfoliating



Try: Patchology FlashMasque 5 Minute Facial Sheets: Exfoliate 4-Pack, $30, Patchology

In just five minutes, this sheet mask will dissolve dead skin cells to smooth rough or textured skin.