21 Best Under-Eye Masks & Eye Patches for Dark Circles and Puffiness

April 26, 2019


Eye masks are one of those skin care products that I immediately associate with luxury and self-care. Is there anything better than lying back with an indie acoustic playlist playing in the background and gold foil eye patches under your eyes, transforming your under-eye area so it is as smooth and bright as the surface of a natural spring on a sunny day?


Okay, so realistically we’re probably wearing these under-eye masks in the morning while rushing to get ready, hoping they’ll bring down the puffiness that is a result of a late, alcohol-fueled night. Whatever your masking ritual looks like, it’s undeniable that eye masks and patches are a very nice addition to it that pays special attention to an area of the face that is easy for us to forget about.

We’ve collected the best under-eye masks you can try out, including creams, gels, and eye patches. We’ll explain why you might want to use eye masks in the first place, and also help you learn about the different types of under-eye masks.

By breaking it down by eye area concern we can help you figure out which eye masks will be best for your skin, as well. To finish things off we’ve got an explanation on how to use all the different kinds of eye masks properly, as well as some extra tips and tricks!

Patchology FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels

The list of active ingredients is a very long one, so no surprise these are the best eye patches for those who want radical effects. They contain a whole collection of peptides, so they do merit using regularly to reverse the look of fine lines. They also include rejuvenating retinol, brightening licorice, and soothing arnica. Despite the powerful ingredients they seem to work well for those who have sensitive skin. Order a set of 30 pairs from Ulta!

Best Under-Eye Masks & Eye Patches: Patchology FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels