3 Innovative Sheet Masks You Have to Try!


August 15th, 2016


Mud & Clay Sheet Masks 

Patchology SmartMud Sheet Masks, $30 for 4

There aren’t many clay sheet masks out there, but I hunted this Patchology SmartMud mask down because I had to try it. They were nice enough to send me one after I sent them a barrage of questions including “How have I never heard of this before?!” Mud masks are one of the messiest face masks to apply, and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve definitely gone through the motions of wanting to do a mask, then thinking about how messy the mask will be, and ultimately deciding not to do a mask. Peel-off masks are good for lazy girls, but mud and clay masks typically are not.

Until now, anyway! Patchology’s mud mask comes in two pieces, layered together and folded in a single use package. The mask is sandwiched between two pieces of plastic, which you take off one at a time as you apply the mask to your face. The material of the mask is fibrous, and if I had to guess I would say it was cotton. It’s totally gray – much like mud – but doesn’t cause nearly the ruckus that a squeeze-tube of thick gray paste typically does.

This mask stayed on my face really well and didn’t move around at all. I wondered if it would dry into a hard shell of a mask, but while it did dry down a little bit, it never got to a crackable or shape-holding dryness. As you can see, it fit my face really well with minimal folding or bunching. There was a little bit of residue left on my face after I removed the mask, which is normal, but instead of rubbing it in like I usually do, I had to wash it off with warm water. You can see a little bit of the clay got onto my upper lip. It was really thin and smooth.

My face felt really firm after this mask. It didn’t necessarily feel smooth or hydrated, but definitely firm. My pores were also noticeably calmed down.

I liked this so much better than a regular clay or mud mask. The cleanup was a breeze, none of my washcloths got ruined, and I still got the good benefits from the mud. These masks come in 4-packs, so don’t be too freaked out by the prices below! It’s definitely worth it if you want something a little bit more intense than your average hydration mask.

Find Patchology SmartMud Masks:

Bergdorf Goodman, $30 (+ free shipping)
, $30 (+ free shipping)
DermStore, $30 (+ free shipping)
Neiman Marcus, $30 (+ free shipping)

You can also buy them in single packs for $8 each, and Ariva has them with free shipping!

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