33 Splurge-Worthy Skincare Products That'll Make Your Skin Look Like $$$$

May 25, 2019


A little cha-ching for a LOT of clear, glowy skin days. 'Cause baby, you're worth it.

Patchology FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels and Restoring Night Eye Gels are infused with caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen and only take five minutes to deliver intense hydration and reduce puffiness and deep-set fatigue — hello, wake-up call!

@patchology / Via instagram.com, Amazon
Promising review (for the Rejuvenating Eye Gels): "Don't think they'll work miracles. They won't get rid of your bags 100%, but they sure as hell will help massively! I'm so pleased. Even my mum has noticed a difference. People always say they won't notice them until I mention them, which is fine, however when something gets on your nerves so much, you want to see a change yourself. I certainly have and will continue to use them indefinitely! I keep the pot in the fridge then pop them on for about half an hour in a morning — or as long as it takes for me to get ready. It says five minutes will do the trick though. I then put my makeup on over the top as usual. Fab!" —Rachael

Get it from Amazon for $50 (Rejuvenating) or $60 (Restoring Night). Cruelty-free.