36 Things For Lazy People Who Want To Look More Put Together

Don't give up on your dreams. And by that, I mean don't give up on that extra bit of sleep...by sleeping in.

6. Or pop on a Patchology FlashPatch gel eye mask for the same depuffing, hydrating/softening, and brightening benefits in just five minutes. Jam out to your favorite song while you work on your hair, and you'll basically be done by the time it ends.

These contain caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and hydrolyzed collagen for that extra plump bump you're looking for, minus the discoloration.

Promising review: "I LOVE THESE!!! As a mom and wife, I am almost always tired. Even when I have my coffee and caf-up, I am still tired, or look it. This product is great at keeping my puffy eyes in check and help decrease any dark circles. It was recommended by a friend of mine who also uses them, and I fell in love. There are only five in this pack, but it's well worth it! I use it about once a week on days when I know I have something important. They are great, cooling and relaxing. What better excuse to listen to some soothing music, close your eyes and forget what is around you!" —Marci

Get five pairs from Amazon for $15. Also available in tea-infused Down Time Calming eye gels.