42 Things We Would Buy Right This Second From Nordstrom, Amazon, and Sephora

Scrolling through the best beauty offerings on Nordstrom, Amazon, and Sephora on a daily, sometime thrice-daily, basis is our ultimate pastime, and from the latest and greatest dry shampoos and eye shadows to the hair and face masks that have resurrected us from the almost dead, there's so much to want and shop at our fave beauty retailers.

So, somewhat routinely, we have to product-vomit all of our latest shopping recs in your direction at a rapid-fire pace. (Sorry, not sorry.) Ahead, we're sharing 42 beauty products we would buy right this second from Nordstrom, Amazon, and Sephora and why you need every last one of them in just a sentence or two. (This is shopping efficiency at it's finest, folks.) Keep scrolling! 


I wear these while vegging on the couch in the evenings, and they are so soothing and make my under-eyes brighter.