7 Life-Changing Beauty Products You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner


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September 16, 2016



5. These lip patches are basically a sheet mask for your mouth: Hydrating, anti-aging, and very ~Insta-worthy.~

I love wearing matte lipsticks which isn’t a good look when you have dry lips. I often wear Chapstick and if I ever plan on doing a bold lip color, I try doing one of those DIY lip scrubs beforehand. But this time I wanted to try something different in my quest for smooth lips.

I saw these lip patches on Instagram and was intrigued. They’re lip-shaped, sparkly, and smell amazing. Each patch is covered in this magic juice made with moisturizing ingredients that claim to deliver anti-aging benefits and hydrate your lips.

Since they are covered in the aforementioned magic juice of goodness, they’re slippery, but once you get them in place you’ll be good. Pro tip (based on a true story): You look ridiculous with them on, so don’t wear this around your friends, you will lose your shit laughing at each other. As soon as you take off the patch, your lips will feel nice and smooth. I usually wear it while I do my eye makeup and take it off right before putting lipstick on.

They are $50 which might seem steep, but each container brings 24 patches so you’re paying about $2 a patch. —Daniela Cadena

Get a box of 24 here for $50.

Here’s just an up-close look at the process!