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Patchology Lip Gels
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Patchology Lip Gels
If you are familiar with my blog I reviewed Patchology eye gels a few months ago and loved them. I am happy to report that I love these lip gels just as much. They fit over your lips, to help plump,diminish fine vertical lip lines that age us. So before going out with girlfriends or the husband I will use one of these and I honestly feel like I can see a difference. My lips look more plump, and feel moisturized.
I think these would be amazing to keep in my bridal kit. I can use them on my clients of all ages but especially the older clients. As we age we start to notice our lipstick bleeding into the fine lines, this would help with that problem. 
If you are in the market for a new product to add to your routine, please try out these lip gels. I love everything I have tried from Patchology and I know you will too!

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