Product Review: Patchology FlashPatch Lip Gels


I can’t wait to wear bright lip colors this spring, but I have to soothe my dry, chapped lips first! A quick Google search turned up FlashPatch Lip Gels from Patchology.* How cool looking are they?!

The FlashPatch Lip Gels are sheet masks for your lips. The lip-shaped hydrogels are infused with niacinamide, to retain moisture; green tea extract, to relieve irritation; and peptides, to soften lines and wrinkles.

Like sheet masks, the gels are soaked in a fluid containing the active ingredients. When I opened the jar, the juice flew everywhere, so be careful!

The fluid makes the gels slippery to handle: they are stacked up in the jar, and you have to use a little plastic tool that comes with them to get the individual gels out. And they are somewhat pricey, at $50 for 24 lip gels.

But if your lips took a beating this winter, or if you’re someone who spends a lot of time outside, they really work! I left the gel on for ten minutes, and my lips looked firm and smooth. They felt really soft, too.

Patchology Lip Gels are available for purchase online at

*Patchology sent me the FlashPatch Lip Gels for my review. Opinions are my own.

March 24, 2016 by Chris Hobson