Mar 1, 2016

How to Sneak in Some Me-Time

When it comes to beauty, sometimes I feel most pampered not when I'm at a pricey spa or sleek salon, but in the comfort of my own home enjoying just a tiny piece of luxury for 5 minutes in a hectic day.

That's how I feel about where face masks and other "non-essential" skincare products figure into my schedule. Let's say it's a Tuesday, and I don't have two hours to unwind by watching a movie or painting my nails. I'll pop on a mask while I finish working or make myself a cup of artisanal tea to accompany me on errands. That way, I get to engage in a tiny bit of me-time while still getting the things on my infinite check list crossed off.

And for that kind of multi-tasking, these Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels are a god-send for quickly surging the under-eye area with moisture. I swear my tired under-eyes look slightly plumper and less drained after I slap these on. They're especially helpful for those mornings when you have to wake up at 5am. Just make that coffee, put these on and get on that grind. You might not even need to put on under-eye concealer when you start getting ready at 8am.

The Patchology Illuminate FlashMasque Facial Sheets on the other hand, I've found are really great for meal-prep nights. I just put one on and head to the kitchen to start cooking for the week ahead. The cloth texture really adheres the moisture of the illuminating serum into your skin, and I like to think that being in a steamy (boiling pots and pans) environment further helps moisturize and brighten my skin.

What are your thoughts on ways to incorporate a little bit of relaxation in everyday tasks?