10 Perfect Skin & Hair Masks for Every Beauty Concern


Sports enthusiasts may be totally consumed with college basketball's March Madness, but for beauty junkies it's the perfect time to target any and all skincare and hair concerns you're currently trying to combat.

As we inch toward spring, the changing weather is prime time for annoying beauty issues to pop up -- strands damaged by cold winter winds, dull skin thanks to "winter face," and a few new fine lines that you didn't notice until just now.

No matter what your beauty gripe, there's a mask to help and we've rounded up the creme de la creme right here.


For Tired Eyes

Considering an alarming number of us aren't getting enough sleep each night, suffice it to say our tired eyes are also aging us beyond our actual years. This is why Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels ($50, patchology.com) are the under-eye masks of your dreams. They cool the area, de-puffing the skin in the process, all the while delivering a boost of caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen.