Feel Good on a Long Flight With These Beauty Treatments




Movie marathons, your Kindle, and attempts at sleep can only take you so far on flights that clock in at more than 12 hours. Why not pass some of the time, then, pampering your travel-weary self with easy beauty treatments that include TSA-friendly sheet masks, creams, gels, and oils to brighten, hydrate, and refresh everything from your lips to your cuticles? Click through for our favorite in-flight treatments to try at 35,000 feet.




Better than a cup of coffee, these refreshing eye gels deliver just the right amount of soothing hydration to that delicate undereye area thanks to key ingredients like caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen. Keep the travel-friendly jar in your carry-on for everything from post-flight puffiness to pre-makeup prep.

Patchology ‘FlashPatch’ eye gels ($50, patchology.com)


March 08, 2016 by Chris Hobson