Meet the Hydro Gel Mask: Your New Skincare BFF

hydro gel mask main
Written by Amanpreet Dhami

Whether it’s sheet masks, cushion compacts or watery lotions, Korean beauty trends are cult-worthy products to be lusted after and hoarded in our bathroom cabinets and makeup kits. The latest Korean trend of hydro gel masks can do wonders for almost any skin type, which is really no surprise to us (considering the other genius trends that have originated from this part of the globe). Hydro gel masks, like sheet masks, draw on the similar idea of creating a spa-like ritual in the comfort of your home, however the gel-based material of the masks has a cooling sensation (even better when refrigerated before use) and a better ability for active nutrients to penetrate the skin. Plus, unlike sheet masks, hydro gel masks remain chock full of the ingredients throughout the entire process instead of drying out before you put them on your skin. No matter what your personal skin type or dermal conundrum of the day, we’ve got a hydro gel mask made for you.

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