Transitional Skin Care: Winter to Spring Favorites from Patchology and skyn ICELAND

Just because it's spring doesn't mean you have to stop using your winter products. It's gradually getting warmer but there are some days when it's still super cold! I've found that several skincare products I use during winter months still work well for me in the spring season. One of the major problems I have in cold weather is chapped lips. I find myself resorting to lip masks, chapstick, lip scrubs and balms. Now there's a new product that I can add to my lip care routine, especially right before I'm about to apply my lipstick.
Patchology FlashPatch™ Lip Gels ($50) soften and smooth out lips - all you do is place the lip gel on clean lips for 5 minutes and then discard it and off you go! The hydrogel FlashPatch™ formula + HydraSurge5™ Moisture System (with 5 proven maximum hydration ingredients) provides deep hydration and lip revitalization that topical lip treatments can't do. 
The lip gels are cooling, refreshing and translucent, formulated with Niacinamide, Peptides and Green Tea Extract. They can be used anytime your lips need a boost, either before you apply makeup or at night, before you go out or right before you go to sleep. The lip gels (24 patches total) are also perfect for travel, as I just threw them in my tote bag when I went to Las Vegas in January.