Calling all sheet mask enthusiasts: These are the 8 best masks for your next "me time" session

March 22, 2017

This mask has two pieces—one for the top half of your face and one for the bottom chin and neck area. Like the name suggests, this mask had a mud-like look and consistency. To use it, I peeled off film from the back of the mask, applied it to my face, and then peeled another layer off of the front of the mask. This was probably the messiest mask of them all, but considering it’s made of mud, I’m not surprised. What impressed me the most was the coverage of this mask—all of the others failed to completely cover my nose, but Patchology’s sheet did the job. After letting it sit, I rinsed the remaining mud off with warm water and was left with noticeably less red skin. This mask felt the most natural out of all of the treatment I tried and would suggest it to anyone who enjoys Dead Sea mud products. It has that earthy, must-be-good-for-you smell, too.
Time required: 10 minutes
Tags: SmartMud