Dehydrated Skin Is SCARY | Patchology FLASHMASQUE


Even though it’s Halloween, you don’t want to scare yourself when you look in the mirror and see dull, dehydrated, old looking skin. You might not be into dressing up for Halloween but scaring yourself and others with your skin doesn’t count. Luckily Patchology has a five-minute facial sheet mask that brightens dull skin. It’s a limited edition ‘Touch of Lace’ mask where you feel in the Halloween spirit when you put it on.

Patchology FlashMasque Illuminate

This mask is designed to even skin tone and deliver essential ingredients like Licorice and Grapefruit Seed Extracts. Traditional sheet masks take up to twenty minutes to work; Patchology created advanced masque material that accelerates the delivery of these powerful ingredients. Your skin will be intensely hydrated with their HydraSurge5 Moisture System and will leave you with a bright glow. Each sheet made of luxe fabric stays put as you move and has a ‘barely there’ look once applied.



Using the mask is very easy, you want to be careful unfolding the mask, so you don’t rip it. When you pull the mask out of the package, it’s almost dripping with all the powerful hydrating ingredients. The mask feels cool, a little tingly and light. I left the Illuminate mask on my skin for a little over five minutes. When I took it off, I massaged the remaining product into my skin. My skin did feel extremely hydrated and smooth.

When I need a quick skin fix before a night out, I always reach for a sheet mask to hydrate my skin. It’s skin hydration on steroids. I pour myself a glass of bubbly, pick out my outfit for the night and then take off my mask.  It’s nice to add in a little “me time” before a big night out.

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Nikol Johnson Professional Makeup Artist, Fresh Beauty Studio, Destination Weddings