Drag Race's KimChi Spilled All the Details About Her Adorable, Affordable Beauty Brand

Of all the drag queens who've yet to launch their own beauty brand, KimChi might just be the perfect candidate. After all, makeup has always been the signature component of hers, with her unmistakable moon-shaped eyes, rounded cheekbones, and lashes that could only be likened to that of an anime character.

KimChi Chic Beauty's initial lineup includes four products: an eye shadow palette, liquid eye shadows, lip glosses, and an LED handheld vanity mirror. Though KimChi says plenty more products are currently in development, the ones seen here have been a long time coming; she wanted to create a makeup line right after her appearance on Drag Race back in 2016, but founding an entire makeup company isn't something that just happens overnight.

She then collaborated on a makeup collection with Sugarpill in 2017 and released a collection of sheet masks with skin-care brand Patchology the following year. Still, she knew her bigger goal was to have her own makeup company.
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