Every Pimple Patch Guaranteed To Keep You Acne-Free

by / Jan 30, 2020
Every Pimple Patch Guaranteed To Keep You Acne-Free

One thing is for sure—pesky pimples are inevitable. Ask anyone and they will tell you of a time when a zit made an unwanted appearance (or two or three) before an important wedding date or work presentation. Lucky for us, nowadays, you don’t have to make an emergency appointment with your dermatologist to rid yourself of those acne spots—instead, just slab on a teeny tiny pimple patch.

These small circular-shaped dots might not seem like they do much, but trust us, they’re packing with ingredients that (again, trust) will get rid of your zits in a matter of hours. They’re made from hydrocolloid, which works by absorbing all the fluid from your zits and leaving it looking flatter and less red.

Because it’s 2020, there are a ton of options to choose from, but we’ve picked out the top acne patches that are a must if you want to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and (obvi) those zits that always have a way of popping up at the worst possible times.

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