Everything You Need to Have a Pre-Thanksgiving Spa Day at the Airport

October 19, 2017


Thanksgiving may be filled with friends, family, and gluttony, but before you experience bliss you have to get through hell—otherwise known as the airport the day before the holiday. Baggage allowances, liquid restrictions that put a dent in your beauty game, and security lines are frustrating enough any time of the year, let alone when everyone is traveling at the same time before a holiday.

In the name of making it to boarding on time with your sanity still intact, find some zen amongst the extra-long TSA lines and crowded gates by turning the airport into your own personal spa. Since you have nothing but time, there’s no better opportunity to treat yourself with some self-care beauty products that you can't squeeze into the average work week. A facial massage, manicure, and hair color refresh are just a few beauty treatments that are available on your airport spa menu. And if the person behind you in line is staring: it’s not because they’re judging you, they’re just jealous. We’ve rounded up everything to take with you in your carry-on to have your own spa day on one of the busiest travel days of the year.


Chances are the only kisses you’ll get over Thanksgiving will be from your grandparents, but since you have time to kill (and then some), why not give your lips the royal spa treatment too? These masks soften, smooth, and minimize the appearance of fine lines in a way that puts your favorite lip balm to shame.