Eye Gels That Really Work




Roz and I attended a Media Breakfast at Neiman Marcus last week to hear about their fall trends. It was a fun morning of french toast, eggs, and absolutely beautiful clothing. We were given some goodies as we left, and I’ve already dug into my butterfly box and used one of the items, and I had to tell you all about it immediately. We got a sample packet of the Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels, and let me tell you, these things actually work, and well. I put them on before I started my makeup for a wedding I was attending that evening, and after the quick 5 minutes of wearing these gels, I looked more awake, the skin under my eyes felt tighter, and I just felt BRIGHTER. I’m running back to Neiman’s fast to stock up on these because I think I’m in love! Funny enough, I forgot that Roz wrote a story on Patchology last year (great minds think alike!), so you can read more about the line in her post here.

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