Glamour: Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Thoughtful

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Love You, Mean It

We're getting emosh already. 

You've booked the restaurant, picked up a cute card, and arranged the flower delivery. What's next? Securing the best Valentine's gifts for her. Classic presents like silk pillowcases, pretty PJs, and makeup sets will win over most hearts, but if you're buying a gift for a woman who is notoriously hard to shop for, consider something off the beaten path. You could start with a personalized present (there are countless great gifts on Etsy) that are a sweet way to go the extra mile (your best friend will love them too), hot takes on necklaces and bracelets (have you considered sex toy jewelry?), and you can never go wrong with Valentine's Day lingerie or taking them on a romantic weekend getaway.

Whoever your beloved is, the perfect Valentine's Day gift is out there, and we have plenty of unique (and noncheesy) ideas lined up to save you from a trip to the impulse aisle (but if you do procrastinate, you can always snag a last-minute gift from Amazon). So put the teddy bears away for another time and scroll down to shop our curated list of the best Valentine’s gifts for her.

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