How To De-Puff Your Eyes With Minimal Effort

April 14, 2017

Your checklist for transitioning to springtime beauty: A brighter color palette for our go-to shades? Check. Shine-boosting shampoos for glossy locks? We’re all set to lather up. A no-nonsense, de-puffing eye cream to combat allergy eyes? Hmm. Eye creams aren’t exactly the life of the beauty party, but the undeniable fact is that they are the difference between a flirty look and an “I just need a 15-minute nap” one. An effective cream is all the more important when spring arrives, since those lovely flowers in bloom can also kick-start allergies in a major way—cue the swollen and uncomfortable eyes. To help you stay one step ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite de-puffing eye creams. From cucumber extract to glacial water, each one features its own set of refreshing ingredients to help soothe and smooth the delicate skin under your eyes. Consider your springtime beauty transition complete

Powered by caffeine, these patches are so effective at relieving any signs of puffiness and fatigue under our eyes that they make us wonder how productive we'd be if there was a caffeine patch to slap onto our arms as an alternative to chugging cup after cup of coffee in the morning.


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