How to Get the Perfect Pout

Published on February 14, 2017

If there's one beauty tip I've learned over the years it's not to skimp on your lips! Most of us spend tons of time focusing on our face, often times ignoring our lips or settling for a chapstick ointment to smooth things out. But, your lips are one of the first things on your face to show signs of aging. Think pesky lines, uneven pigmentation, and even loss of definition. With the help of a few key products I've begun to focus in on my lip routine and spend a little extra time treating my pout.

First things first, exfoliating lips with a light sugar scrub like Sara Happ's Lip Slip is a great way to remove dead skin and create a smooth base. Next, it's time to apply a treatment. I've been using a combination of masks from both Patchology and Kaplan MD. 
Patchology is ultimately a sheet mask for your lips and adds extra hydration to the lips and surrounding areas. The flat packaging makes them ideal for throwing into your handbag or for travel.

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