How To Save Your Skin From Oil & Breakouts This Summer

May 6, 2019


There’s so much to look forward to in the summer: rosé on rooftops, beach bonfires, and of course, rocking all those cute AF outfits you waited all year to break out. But along with the warmer weather comes a ton of potential beauty bummers that can cramp your style if you’re not armed with the right products to wave them “bye Felicia”. We’re talking about makeup meltdowns, oil spills, and seeing red-scenarios, but thanks to these tips from dermatologist Dr. Daniel Belkin and some of the newest skincare stars, we’ve got you covered.

“Unlike winter when pretty much everyone is prone to getting dry skin, your skin in the summer really depends on the local climate. In a hot, humid summer (like in Dubai), moisturizing becomes a little less important, but you’ll want cleansers that are more powerful at degreasing, primers that can soak up excess oil and sweat, and light breathable sunscreens. In a dry heat (like in LA) moisturizing with weekly treatments is still paramount and SPF is crucial.”

3. When in Doubt, Mask

From a flushed face to a shiny T-zone, the summer can bring about a number of different complexion conditions that you may not experience during the rest of the year. “A weekly hydrating mask with a high water content can go a long way to quench skin, whether you’re in dry heat and prone to dryness or you’re recovering from being out in the sun,” says Dr. Belkin.

best summer face masks

Source: Patchology, Ole Henriksen

We’re into Patchology’s new Flashmasque® Hydrate 5 Minute Sheet Masks, $30 for four, on days (or nights) when our skin is extra thirsty for some TLC but we don’t have 20 minutes to sit around.