How to Treat Your Acne This Winter, Including Which Skincare Products Are Worth Using

January 8, 2019


As if acne-sufferers don't already have it hard enough, the skin's needs become more complex during the colder months of the year. "Winter weather can certainly wreak havoc on the skin so it's important to seek gentle, acne-clearing products," says NYC-based dermatologist Melissa Levin. "As the weather cools and the air gets drier, the skin barrier is broken, leading to cracks in the outer layer of the skin, loss of hydration, and eventually inflammation." The problem is that the skin's moisture barrier may already be compromised by harsh acne treatments and oil-stripping cleansers, which exacerbate problems like dryness, irritation, and peeling.
The best winter skincare products include balancing oils, ceramides or lipid-rich ingredients in creamy formulations to treat breakouts without dehydration. Here are 17 acne-clearing skincare products that are gentle enough to use all season long.
Patchology Breakout Box 3-in-1 Acne Treatment Kit ($20): The zit kit contains topical treatment patches (formulated with tea tree leaf oil, charcoal powder, and witch hazel) for every phase of a breakout.