InStyle: Rejuvenating Eye Gels

InStyle: Rejuvenating Eye Gels

These $3-a-Pair Eye Masks “Noticeably” Reduce the Appearance of Dark Circles and Bags, Shoppers Say

As someone with very irregular sleep habits who often finds themself going for that fifth cup of coffee during the day, it makes sense why my under eyes are as puffy and dark as they are. This is why I keep my concealer collection well stocked, but I’m constantly searching for under-eye creams and home remedies to alleviate my wrinkled bags and darkened under-eyes. I’ve even gone as far as looking into getting under-eye filler, though I haven't yet pulled the trigger because of how promising my friends and family say eye masks are. In my search for the best eye masks on the market, I recently came across hundreds of raving five-star reviews on Patchology's Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels, and I’ll promptly be adding these $3-a-pair patches to my cart.

Intended to target dark under-eye circles and reduce puffiness and fine lines, these under-eye collagen masks come in a pack of five sets of two. The patches are formulated with caffeine, known to brighten and firm the skin, and hydrolyzed collagen, which is great for promoting anti-aging and moisture absorption and retention. Shoppers say skin appears brighter and smoother after just five minutes of wear, and fine lines will minimize after six to seven days.

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