January Beauty Favorites

Published on February 3, 2017


Don’t mind me complaining, but I feel that my skin is running for “The Most Tricky Skin Type” award! It’s super dry on the cheeks and around nose areas while acne prone in T-zone—with tendencies for discoloration and occasional sensitivities. While it seems like too much to handle, I’m trying my best to address each issue individually—that’s why you’ll see such diverse range of products for both oily and dry skin!

Patchology Smartmud Detox Sheet Mask: If there was an award for the best break-through mask of the year, that would be it! The mask combines the best qualities of a regular sheet mask (convenience of application and removal) with the benefits of a clay mask (pore purifying and overall skin detoxification). I used the mask for a few times and it really helped to clean up my skin without over drying it. I used this mask right after exfoliating and applying a pore cleansing nose stripe and the results have been very satisfying!

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