Keep Your Pout on Point With These Plumping Lip Masks

April 2, 2017

Since the Korean masking trend crossed over to the US beauty scene, I've been hooked. I own a wealth of sheet masks, multimask like a mofo, and use under-eye treatments almost daily (you can read about my favorite ones here). So when lip masks emerged, I was intrigued — and I wasn't alone.
We live in the age of the plumped lip, and more women are seeking ways to enhance their pout without makeup (or needles). According to Pinterest, the latest innovation in masking also happens to be one of 2017's most popular bridal beauty trends.
The lip-shaped gels come in various sizes, but most commonly the oversize pink ones you've probably seen on Instagram. They're infused with ingredients that target a range of concerns from moisture and dryness to plumping. Covering your pout with one for a few minutes will leave you with fuller, softer, sexier lips. And you can't deny that it also makes for the perfect selfie op.
Some of my favorite brands have gotten in on the trend and created lip masks that are as effective as they are Instagramable. If you've been thinking of taking the mask route to a plumped pout, keep reading to discover some of my favorites.