Kiss ‘N’ Tell

February 1, 2018

The skin on the lips is unlike skin anywhere else on the body, it is thinner and has no oil or sweat glands. Oil acts as a barrier for skin, helping to protect it from the elements. The lips are constantly exposed to irritants such as the tip of the tongue, our food and drinks, environmental pollutants, the weather, and the list goes on and on. Because of this exposure, they are prone to dehydration, particularly during the cold, windy winter months. With a little love and care, your ragged lips can look perfect in no time. Follow these few easy steps and you can kiss with confidence.


Hydrogel patch sends powerful moisturizing ingredients to your lips faster than any gel or cream formulas. It leaves them perfectly prepped and ready for make-up. Say ‘hello’ to lips that are ready for action with FlashPatch Lip Gels, Patchology, $64.