Living in Skin: Heaven Sent

Published on November 3, 2016


With the cold air now rearing its skin-cracking head, we’re reminded of the street maps time has a way of etching into our precious epidermis.  There’s no better time to explore the miraculous options that laser treatments can provide in our quest to fend off the effects of father time.

Patchology targets different skincare concerns with the Patchology illuminate FlashMasque, FlashPatch Lip Gels, and SmartMud No Mess Sheet Mask. Illuminate FlashMasque, available in a limited-edition lace print, hydrates within five minutes. (Available at The FlashPatch Lip Gels hydrates lips and helps diminish the appearance of vertical lip lines with its cooling formula.  And the SmartMud No Mess Sheet Mask features volcanic ash from the Jeju Islands in Korea to detoxify in just ten minutes.  (Both available at


November 03, 2016 by Caitie Cawley