May 14, 2017

Patchology is an American company that has been making skin patches for the medical industry for the last decade. In the last couple of years they branched out to create sheet masques and patches for beauty and skincare issues and have now got the sheet masque corner nailed with their innovative patches and masques.

Using Korean skincare technology you can now shop the brilliant products that they say work at “beauty at the speed of you”, masques and patches that give real results and speedily-so!

I was excited about Patchology finally being available on Mecca Maxima stores in Wellington and Christchurch and online at Mecca Beauty (see here) and received the FlashPatch Lip Gels and the Smartmud Detox Masque (more on that later) to road-test.

Now, I normally see something like a lip masque more of a luxe add-on rather than a skincare essential, but these lip masques are more of a must have for me now and really get lips into a condition you want them in! I tried my first 5 Minute Hydrogel a couple of weeks ago, the lip-shaped  patches are quite large and easily fit over your lips, covering a decent amount beyond the lip line as well.

Leave it on for 5 (or more if you wish) minutes and wait for the Patchology magic to do it’s stuff. I thought I would be left with lots of sticky serum on removal, but there was just a small amount of residue that I massaged in. How were my lips afterwards? Wow, that’s all I’ll say. Gently exfoliated, with all signs of dryness and chapping gone, hydrated, soft and just improved beyond any expectations. These are a brilliant treat to use before a night out when a bright lipstick is on the cards, during winter when lip dryness is at its height, or just for lip maintenance.

Patchology has used a blend of powerful ingredients – Peptides, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B, Inositol and Betaine which together leave you with the most cared for, in condition lips you’ve ever experienced.

You can purchase packs of 5 or 25 online for $24.00-79.00 on Mecca Beauty online or in store at Mecca Maxima.

Shop FlashPatch Lip Gels Here.