April 20, 2017

Freak bursts of warm weather tell me that it’s almost sandal season (also known as: time to think about preparing my feet for public consumption).
normally i would go running for the nearest pedicure chair and let them go to town on my calluses and dry heels, but this season i did something very unlike me: i opted for a DIY solution and tried an at-home foot peel. you’ve probably seen this phenomenon pop up in your social feeds, but i have avoided it like the plague. please know that i was full-on terrifiedbefore tackling this, but i could stand my squirrelly feet no longer.
thankfully, the patchology poshpeel process was super simple and before i knew it, i was donning plastic booties filled with AHA and BHA designed to dissolve my calluses and dry skin. i soaked my feet in hot water for a few minutes before getting started, poured one full pack of acid essence into each bootie (although you can do less depending on how tenderfooted-slash-brave you are), then left things to sit for 60 minutes.
immediately following, my feet were much softer, but visibly no different. peeling actually didn’t begin for a full 4 days and i basically walked around wondering if i had made a huge mistake.
once the peeling action began, it wasn’t at all the full shed that i was expecting (at least not all at once). it was mostly subtle, intensifying over a day or two. i had read that you can use a pumice stone to speed things up a bit and get the most smooth results so i powered up my amope to help my heels and big toe calluses in the shower.
by the third day of peeling, my feet were in full nirvana with no rough heels or calluses in sight: it absolutely eliminated them! (also weird side note: the acid essence does attack any nail polish you have on, causing that to peel up and off immediately following the treatment. i was super weirded out by this, so just a warning!)
i’m obsessed with my new feet which are in better shape than the best pedicure i’ve ever received. there’s just no amount of sloughing and scrubbing that could equal this level of skin renewal. it’s been a solid two weeks and things are still perfectly sandal-ready. such a win! best of all, i love that these kits come with two full treatments (including the booties) so essentially, my feet should be in glorious shape until fall.
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