Refresh With Patchology Skincare

Katie Skrzek

May 15th, 2016

Patchology offers innovative skincare solutions, specializing in face masques and face patches.

Patchology’s team of transdermal patch experts and beauty industry veterans came together to use advanced technology and innovative ingredients to create solutions for specific skincare concerns. Patches can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, rehydrate skin and treat acne for more noticeable and longer-lasting results. Patchology strives to make each product efficient, effective and effortless for better and faster results.

Shop by collection including energizing, FlashPatch, FlashMasque and SmartMud. Browse products by skincare concern including dark circles, puffiness, pores, lack of radiance, hydration and anti-aging and wrinkles.

Prices vary. FlashMasques start at $30 to hydrate and renew. Try the FlashPatch lip gel to moisturize and soften your lips. A set of 24 patches costs $50. If you aren’t sure what to try, order the energizing eye patches starter kit. The kit comes with activating gel, four treatments of eye patches and 24 refreshing wipes all for $35. Sizes are ideal for travel.

Shipping is free on ground orders within the United States. Make sure you request a free sample at checkout. Patchology products are available at popular retailers including Neiman Marcus, ULTA and Bergdorf Goodman.