Sleeping Beauty: The Best In Overnight Skin Care

The products that deserve a place on your nightstand

December 27, 2017

We’re finally in that sweet spot of the holiday season—the week, give or take, in between Christmas/Channukah and the New Year. If you’re lucky, this means you’re enjoying a few days off from school or work, which means you’re finally about to catch up on some much-needed sleep. So why not turn it up a notch?

With the sleep treatment trend on the rise, we wanted to round up the bedtime must-haves that deserve a place on your nightstand.

These are far from your typical night cream. We’re talking rich and luxurious masks, gels, mousses, and other treatments that’ll do everything, including brighten, moisturize, exfoliate, and even suck the life out of pimples, all while you catch some precious Zs.

I mean, you wouldn’t be a true multitasker if you didn’t indulge in some overnight skin care, now would you? Learn the real meaning of beauty sleep, below.