Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 5 Beauty Products

Rookie SI Swimsuit model Ellie Thumann

Beauty Products 2023 SI Swimsuit Rookie Ellie Thumann Can’t Live Without

Ellie Thumann started her YouTube channel in 2014, and over the years she has expanded from creating beauty and fashion videos to offering lifestyle and advice content to her now two million subscribers. The 21-year-old is now a mental health advocate, globetrotter, model and SI Swimsuit’s newest rookie.

Fashion and beauty have always been important to the Phoenix native. She says she feels her sexiest in an “everyday Ellie outfit,” which consists of comfortable joggers, a crop top, sneakers and a fun hat.

Thumann attributes her success on YouTube to starting so young and staying true to herself, even when being a beauty guru or social media influencer wasn’t as common or normalized as it is today.

Patchology Eye Patches

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