Tatcha's New Kissu Lip Mask Is Already Sold Out — So Here's What to Buy Instead

November 7, 2018

Tatcha has a way of making us want a product before we even know what's inside. (The packaging is really good, okay?) Then there are the formulations themselves — consistently as luxurious to use as they are to look at. In short, we get itchy fingers with each release. So when the brand launched The Kiss Lip Mask just a little over a month ago, so came our Pavlovian response.
Can you blame us? For one, the texture (a gel that transforms to a balm when on the lips) is sophisticated, not goopy. Then there are the ingredients, which include peach seeds to help restore cushion and bounce to the lips, a trick inspired by Japanese tradition, in which the seeds were historically chopped and mixed in with oils as a lip treatment. We fell fast for the overnight treatment — and we weren't the only ones.
Cut to today: The mask is not only sold out, but — brace yourselves — the brand says it's likely not coming back. One technicality to curb the panic? Despite the sold out status, a few jars are still on the market, but only as packaged with a limited edition lipstick as part of Tatcha's holiday collection. Let's face it, it's just a matter of time before those are gone, too.
Since we have quite a bit of winter ahead of us (and all the dry, chapped lips that comes with it), we found other hydrating and not-sticky options, ahead.
We love the fact that this sheet mask, which lays right on top of the lips, makes us stop and relax for a minute. But past any meditative benefits, a five-minute session delivers a visible hydration boost to our skin on and around the mouth.
Patchology Patchology FlashPatch Lip Gels 5 Pack, $15.00, available at Patchology.