The 15 Best Sheet Masks For Hydrated, Glowy Skin

by / Jan 15, 2020
The 15 Best Sheet Masks For Hydrated, Glowy Skin

Say hello to a bright, clear complexion.

Packing to go home for the holidays usually involves a never-ending list of gifts and toiletries, despite inevitably forgetting to bring something essential with us (cue the Christmas Eve drugstore run to grab a new toothbrush). The number one thing we always remember to check off our packing list is definitely a sheet mask or two. The K-beauty staple comes in handy when our skin is feeling super dehydrated from travel, the weather, or just life in general. What a sheet mask can offer your skin ranges from a dose of collagen and peptides for some extra lifting and firmness, to gentle exfoliating acids for a brighter, smoother complexion. We’ve uncovered 15 of the best sheet masks to get you through this holiday season (including some eco-friendly, biodegradable options), so you can enter the new year with extra-soothed and supple skin.

Patchology The Good Fight Clear Skin Mask, $5

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