The 7 Best Foot Peels of 2019

May 1, 2019


As sandal season approaches a foot peel might be a wise purchase to help spruce up your feet. Foot peels are similar to face masks in that they add a dose of hydration to otherwise tired and dry feet. Some are a little more intense and actually help shed the dead skin on your feet while others just give you a serious dose of moisture while you sleep. Whatever your foot peel of choice—we have the perfect fit for your feet.  

This peel takes a little more work, but is a slower, easier way to tackle calluses if you don’t want to use the ProLinc gel. The PoshPeel not only exfoliates with AHAs and BHAs, but comes with added brightening benefits thanks to citrus extract. Like the Tony Moly mask, you have to pour the peeling liquid into the socks after you put them on, securing with small tabs by the ankles. The one downside is you can’t walk around too much, especially if you don’t like the liquid sloshing around your feet, so expect to set some time aside. There’s no accelerating any part of this process but that won’t really matter at the end, when you’re admiring your new soft, carefree feet. 

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