The Best Eye Creams

July 10, 2019

Popular wisdom holds that even the best eye creams are the same as miniaturized face creams, just with a heftier price tag. Experience tells us that this isn't true, especially if you do your shopping right. First, let's properly set expectations: No matter how amazing your topicals are, they can't accomplish the kind of wrinkle-freezing, line-filling, shadow-erasing effects that facial fillers and Botox can. That said, there are definitely ingredients that can lessen the appearance of fine lines and help de-puff, which in turn helps your dark circles look less prominent. (For true sleep-faking miracles, there's concealer.)

Here are seven eye creams that do way more than moisturize.

Patchology FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels 

Here's another great way to get your daily retinol: hydrogel masks. They're not technically an eye cream, but will provide the same effect—and then some. In Patchology's version, you'll also get the added benefits of renewing peptides, moisturizing squalane and botanical extracts selected to brighten and decongest.