The Best Sheet Masks Will Reboot Your Face

March 2, 2018

When sheet masks burst on the scene a few short years ago, we figured they were a short-term selfie-culture skincare fad. But the people and experts have spoken: these single-use treatments are here to stay. Why? Because they’re freaking amazing. GQ’s Best Stuff is here to help you navigate the super-saturated market of sheet masks.
A sheet mask—a paper face cutout that has been soaked in fountain-of-youth serum, for the uninitiated—delivers a massive payload of extreme goodness to your face that goes way beyond what you can get from regular topical application (rubbing, spritzing, shmearing). Think of it as the skincare cleanse to your regular nutritional exfoliate-cleanse-moisturize routine—it's something to do every once in a while when your face needs a reboot. The only downside of the mask explosion is that the options are seemingly endless: there are hundreds of masks for every problem, every person, and every price point. That's why, in our never ending quest for perfect skin, we asked a special contingent of skincare-obsessed GQ editors to try a whole mess of masks and identify the best. They came back with some very dewy complexions and a whole lot of intel.
Patchology SmartMud Detox Mask (4-pack)
Think of this as that mud mask you used to use, but without the mess. This sheet’s serum is replaced by a mud, so you get the detox benefits of clay but the easy use of a sheet mask.
$30, Amazon
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