The Hangover Guide: 13 Products To Bring You Back To Life

January 1, 2018

Your post-holiday detox, awaits

It’s official: The holiday season has come to a close. We partied, we ate, we drank, we danced, and we woke up this morning feeling kinda, sorta like shit. But it’s a whole new year, and (thankfully) 2017 is over—and that’s something worth getting out of bed for.

With post-holiday hangovers in mind, we rounded up 13 products to revive, detox, and energize you from the inside out. From healing elixirs and de-puffing eye masks to on-the-go matcha sticks, these are the tools that’ll have you (and your skin, and hair) in tip-top shape for the year ahead—as well as the many more hangovers sure to come.

Your hangover survival guide awaits, below. (Or, you could always crawl to the deli and order that bacon, egg, and cheese, instead. We’re not judging.)

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