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These Collagen Lip Masks Will Give You the Perfect Wedding Day Pout

April 28, 2017

Nothing scary involved, we promise—just plenty of funny photo-ops and first-kiss-ready lips.

Besides being a longtime favorite Korean beauty product, collagen lip masks are also trending on Pinterest's 2017 Wedding Report for bridal beauty ideas. And for good reason—incorporating it into your wedding day glam routine will make your lips plump, soft and super-kissable. After the wedding day, the masks are still great to use as primer for your lips to make applying lipstick easier and have it last longer. Here are four of our favorite lip masks, starting with Stone's. 

Five-Minute Moisturization

Got five minutes? Pop these patches on your lips for some major soothing action while you do the rest of your makeup.
Patchology Lip Renewal FlashPatch 5 Minute Hydrogels, $50 for 24 patches,