Town & Country: The Best Foots Peels for Smooth Skin

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We might be smack dab in the middle of winter when our feet are hiding under layers and layers of warm socks and winter boots. But just because they're out of plain site, doesn't mean you shouldn't be caring for them. Calluses and dry skin are never a good look, no matter the time of year, and oftentimes can be painful and uncomfortable. If you are willing to devote a week or so to an intensive at-home foot peel, there is no better solution.

According to NYC-based cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Michele Green, foot peels are typically single-use and involve wearing a pair of acid-solution-soaked booties for an hour. Similar to an at-home chemical peel, these treatments contain a blend of exfoliating acids that get to work dissolving dead skin, but the real fun begins a few days post-bootie session. On or around day three, your skin will begin to peel—in small patches at first, then in sheets. It is not pretty, in fact it is downright unsettling, yet it is also extremely satisfying. Best practice is to just let it happen—hands off!—though a daily soak might help things along. At the end of the process, your soles will be butter-soft and baby-smooth. Here, the best foot peels to get you feeling footloose and fancy-free in no time.

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