WANT/NEED: Honey bubble bath that comes in a bear bottle, and more stuff you'll want to buy

September 7, 2017

Patchology 4-Pack FlashMasque Milk Peel, $30

I’m a die-hard fan of Patchology’s under eye patches, so naturally I was excited to try their “milk peel.” The name was so intriguing! After a long weekend of drinking rosé and eating fried calamari, I desperately needed to give my skin some TLC in the form of a moisturizing face mask. I love Patchology’s sheet masks, because they STAY PUT and don’t slip off (my number one gripe with most face masks). Their Milk Peel smells so calming and took the redness right outta my skin. And don’t be wary of the word “peel,” in the title; this mask is ultra gentle and perfect for my sensitive skin.