We Tried 7 Neck Masks—Here’s What Worked

November 28, 2017

One writer tested the next generation of paper masks, i.e. those made to treat lines and discoloration on your neck, lived up to the hype.

Five-minute results coupled with the all-in-one face and neck shape and the melon scent made me a fan of Patchology Firm 5 Minute Flashmasque For Face and Neck ($30 for 4) before the wait time was up. Soy proteins and peptides in the serum-smothered mask work to improve the appearance of dullness and the loss of skin density that comes with age, according to the package.

Bottom line: Five minutes is almost less than a commercial break! My determined neck lines remained, but my skin was noticeably brighter, and an added bonus was that redness on my face has been minimized. (No surprise there since soy is known to help maintain a natural glow).